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We, the YSK Group, are developing our business all over the world, aiming to ensure customer satisfaction. We are doing this as the first organization in Japan to manufacture and sell specialty chemicals and industrial explosives that meet global standards from the starting point of synthetic organic chemistry.

We, the YSK Group, want all employees to be united in making unwavering efforts, from both aspects of hardware and software, to ensure customer satisfaction. We will do this by utilizing the over 270 years of history since the Groups founding by its owner family in Wakayama, and on the basis of history and tradition, and will aim to realize a future sustainable society (in terms of resources and the environment).

We, the YSK Group, see all our customers also as valuable teachers. Under their guidance and with their encouragement, we will aim to bring about a society of harmony, coexistence, peace, and happiness in which all peoples of the world respect each other. To this end, we will aim to be an organization that creates a social foundation and value.

company info

Company Name : YSK, Inc.
Capital Stock : 22,500,000yen
Established On : February18 , 1917
Head Office : Yodoyabashi Satellite Building,4-5-13 Kouraibashi,Chuo-ku,Osaka,Japan
  Phone:06-6231-5911  Facsimile:06-6231-5922
Okayama Plant : 12-17 Fukai-cho,Tamano-city,Okayama-pref.
  Phone:0863-81-7161 Facsimile:0863-81-2800
Site area: 200,000m2
Registered Office: 53, Higashikajiyamachi, Wakayama-city, Wakayama-pref.
  Phone:0734-36-5001 Facsimile:0734-36-5001
Associatesd company: H D S(material handling related company)
Head Office : 12-17 Fukai-cho Tamano-City, Okayama-Pref, Japan
Established On : August 5, 2002
Capitaregistered : 1.25 MIL. YUAN
Share Holders YSK 51%
The President of Board of Drectors : HIDEAKI YURA (YSK)
Site area: 200,000m2
Product : Aging resistant agent
Production Capacity : MAX. 1900 TONS/Y


The founder, Mr.Asajiro Yura, established Yura Seiko Limited Partnership in 1914. He began the manufacture of synthetic dye for first time in Japan in Wakayama City. His dye took the place of German dye which was not being imported because of the First World War in Europe. He made every possible effort in the field of dye industry, medical industyr and other organic chemical industries in Japan, offering those intermediates to the market.

In 1917, Yura Senryo Co,.Ltd. was established and the business of Yura SEiko Limited Partonership was succeeded.

In 1924, a factory was newly setablished in Fukai, Tamano City, Okayama Prefecture. It manufactured explosives, such as piceric acid(Simose gunpower) for military use according to the demands of the navy. This factory was designated for reparations when the war ended.

In April, 1952, it began the production of industrial explosives.

In February, 1953, it started the production of Ammoninm nitrate(T-MAX) explosives for general industrial use.

In November, 1962, the production of picric acid for agricultural and imdustrial use gunpower was resumed.

The production of Ammonium nitrate fuel oil mixture(ANFO) was started in 1969. In the begining, their only aim was a cartridge type ANFO, but later a heavy-duty bag was also manufactured according to the user's request. We began the production of Styrenated phenol in 1968 under the consignment of Honshu Chemistry. The production of Sodium Picramate was started in 1970.

The trade name, Yura Senryo Co.,Ltd. was changed into Y S K, inc. in 1989, moving/progessing toward the new era of the 21st century. Today, Y.S.K, in coopertion with other companies, contributes to the growth of the local economy by developing fine chemicals and promoting other new busuness in response to customer's needs. Chemical Industry Exhibition on November 12,1917. Y.S.K. is a company which represents the division of chemistry in the local economy. We are making efforts to respond to customer's problems of the future, such as a stable suppy of products and marerials at low cost or local coopertion.

Y S K Inc. Yodoyabashi Satellite Building,4-5-13 Kouraibashi,Chuo-ku,Osaka, Japan
  Phone: 06-6231-5911  Facsimile: 06-6231-5922  E-mail:
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